Service Providers


We offer solutions for access to core networks designed for Optical media, Copper media and wireless media.
As traffic from the network edge continues to grow – thanks to cloud services, video streaming, 4G/5G mobile technologies, and the Internet of Things – the pressure on the network is multiplied.

For optical transport

We are offering wide range of solutions produced by ECI Telecom for core and access networks.
Combining and bunding products from Apollo and Neptune Product families we can answer to all challenges for access and core optical networks.

For copper transport

We are offering wide range of solutions produced by Actelis Networks for core and access networks.
Actelis products give service providers a more efficient and cost-effective way to roll out higher speed xDSL (SHDSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2) broadband access and triple play services to a much larger number of customers.

For wireless transport

At the heart of our solutions is the Ceragon Platform. The best wireless solution which enable to:

  • Increase operational efficiency: Maximize capacity and performance, and at the same time minimize running costs such as spectrum fees, tower lease fees, rent, labor and power-related costs.
  • Ensure peace of mind: It needs to be reliable, ensure service availability, and answer your wireless backhaul needs now and in the future.

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