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ECI Introduces Optical Networking ‘As You Like It’

Optical solutions now available as flexible building blocks in line with OpenROADM philosophy

PETACH TIKVA, Israel – February 27, 2019 – ECI® , a global provider of ELASTIC Network® solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, today announced that its optical networking solutions are available as a complete set of flexible building blocks, controllable through standard interfaces, with which to pursue a modular or disaggregated approach.

ECI’s open, modular solutions enable customers to ‘mix-and-match’ transponders, muxponders, ROADMs, amplifiers and more on a common chassis, providing maximum flexibility and facilitating the ability to tailor solutions to the organization’s particular needs. Optical networking has traditionally operated based on closed, proprietary solutions. However, with the increasing prevalence of open networking movements, the growth of Web2.0 companies and technological advancements, this is beginning to change. An increasing number of customers are requesting open, disaggregated solutions whereby they can run multiple vendors’ transponders and muxponders over an open optical line system (OLS).

ECI’s Apollo optical networking systems are completely open and modular. Customers can pick and choose from a variety of platforms, service line cards, ROADMs and amplifiers. Apollo building blocks support NETCONF/YANG interfaces, which enable both ECI and 3rd party (non-ECI) control. In line with the Open ROADM Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), which defines interoperability specifications for ROADMs, transponders and pluggable optics, ECI equipment is MSA compliant. In conjunction with some of the additional developments made available by ECI, such as the 1.2TB dualchannel blade announced a month ago, this provides customers unprecedented levels of flexibility in planning, designing and managing their optical networks. Today, Apollo supports fully flexible and programmable throughput, transport mapping, routing and control, enabling truly dynamic selfadjusting behavior.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of:

· Best-of-breed solutions

· Evolutionary, pay-as-you-grow plans

· Increased flexibility

· Ease of management

“Optical networks are evolving to meet the needs of a diverse constituency. While price, performance and efficiency continue to be of paramount importance, how to get there differs from customer to customer,” said Jimmy Mizrahi, executive vice president Global Portfolio at ECI. “Some want an all-inone solution, while others prefer the option of ‘mixing and matching’ best of breed components and systems. As the industry looks towards its next investment cycle, customers are increasingly aware that their investments need to be viable for the long term. They are looking for networking solutions that can be extremely flexible and adaptive to meet evolving customer demands – today and in the future. ECI’s open, modular approach to optical networking allows them to plan, design and build their networks with an unprecedented level of freedom.” ECI’s Apollo has been honored as a Lightwave Innovation Reviews High-Score Recipient for its 1.2TB Dual-Channel Blade in the Optical Subsystems category. This program was developed to recognize the top products and services within the optical networking industry as determined by a panel of experts.

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